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Profound treatment “bring the snap back” campaign elevates the importance of elastin in aging skin

The nonsurgical alternative to a surgical facelift is raising awareness about the importance of elastin for skin’s resilience to “snap back” into place. 

WAYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, SEPTEMBER 26, 2019 – Candela Corporation, a leading global medical aesthetic device company, announces today the Profound treatment’s launch of the  “Bring the Snap Back” campaign.  The campaign includes an educational microsite and a contest to give consumers the chance to bring the snap back to their aging skin. 

The Profound system is the only radiofrequency (RF) microneedling device that uses real-time temperature control to create all three skin elements essential for healthy skin – collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.  Elastin, the lesser known of the three skin elements, provides the resilience and elasticity skin needs to snap back into place.  “Bring the Snap Back” connects the resilience that elastin provides to the skin with the personal resilience humans demonstrate throughout life.

On average, only 58% of men and 50% of women between the ages of 35 and 64 feel good about their physical appearance .  This in turn leads to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Yet, improvements in physical appearance can promote resilience both inside and out.   

Similar to personal resilience, the skin demonstrates resilience when it quickly recovers from stress to regain its youthful appearance.  With age, however, skin resilience diminishes as production of elastin stops and skin begins to sag.  The solution to improving skin resilience is to create new elastin.  The Profound system creates new elastin to help rebuild skin resilience and patient confidence during the natural aging process.

“With the ‘Bring the Snap Back’ campaign, the Profound treatment is raising awareness around the importance of elastin, which is often overlooked when it comes to preventing signs of aging,” said Mary Trout, Chief Commercial Officer at Candela. 

The Profound system provides a proven, nonsurgical alternative to a surgical facelift by delivering time and temperature-controlled RF energy to induce the body’s natural healing and in turn, create new elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. As the first and only RF microneedling device with FDA clearance for the face and body, the Profound treatment is clinically-proven to create up to five times the elastin, twice the collagen and increased hyaluronic acid.     

“One of the most common skin concerns I see in my practice is loose, sagging skin of the lower face, with results that patients are looking to permanently fix,” said Dr. Macrene Alexiades, renowned New York City-based dermatologist. “The Profound treatment allows me to provide my patients with results that are approximately 37% of a surgical facelift, without having to undergo invasive surgery.” 

By submitting a selfie, sharing why they want to get their snap back, and using the official campaign hashtag #BringTheSnapBack, two consumers with the most powerful stories of personal resilience will have the opportunity to win a free Profound treatment. 

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