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Clinical Papers

Laser treatment of professional tattoos with a 1064/532-nm dual-wavelength picosecond laser

PubMed Reference: Kauvar ANB, Keaney TC, Alster T. Dermatol Surg. 2017 Sep. 

Study Details: 

  • 60 subjects (23 males, 37 females) with skin phototypes I-VI and mean age 34±11years with 75 professional tattoos
  • Up to 10 PicoWay Zoom 532/1064nm treatments at 6-week intervals
  • Blinded assessment of digital clinical images, using a 5-point scale (1=0-24%; 2=25-49%; 3=50-74%; 4=75-95%; 5≥95% clearance)

Study Results: 

  • Most of the tattoos contained black pigment with 40% having additional red, blue, green or other colored pigments
  • By blinded evaluator consensus, 86% of the treated tattoos showed at least 50% clearance after 3 treatments (mean clearance score of 3.11)
  • By investigator assessment, 70% of tattoos showed at least 75% clearance after 5 treatments
  • Treatments were well tolerated with minimal complications
  • High subject satisfaction and comfort associated with treatment