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Candela Academy Called “One of the Best Learning Opportunities of the Year”

Candela Academy

In early October, Syneron-Candela held its annual Academy – an event focused on education, training and networking for physicians who offer energy-based device treatments to their patients. Over 200 physicians attended the event.

There are many things that set the Academy apart from other industry events. The event’s content is exclusively directed and presented by experienced, innovative physicians who share expertise, best practices and patient results. The presenters represent a range of physician specialties and presenters discuss topics designed to help other physicians expand their offerings, treat more indications and improve patient outcomes. They provide hands-on training, practical education and know-how to help their peers get the most out of their Syneron-Candela devices.

Robert Fielitz | Welcomes Physicians to the 2018 Academy.
Robert Fielitz | Welcomes Physicians to the 2018 Academy.

Physicians come from all over the world to attend the Academy. It’s an extremely interactive forum marked by robust discussions from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, gynecologists, aesthetic and general practitioners, and primary care physicians. As part of the event, challenging patient cases are discussed and solutions are brainstormed. Because there are many different specialty clinicians in the room, the solutions offered can be both surprising and innovative. “One specialty physician may approach a challenge completely differently than a physician from a different specialty,” says Robert Fielitz, President and Managing Director of the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region for Syneron-Candela. “When they brainstorm together, you can see the excitement in the room as physicians may discover an out-of-the-box approach to treating a challenging patient case. It’s why some attendees call this event their global physician think tank.”

In addition to the dynamic clinical presentations, Syneron-Candela offered a session providing marketing and social media best practices geared toward helping clinicians market themselves in an increasingly social world. “Social media is having a huge impact on the way physicians market their practice today,” says Mr. Fielitz. “Getting some tips and takeaways that they can bring back to their practice and put into use is invaluable. It’s just one of the many ways Syneron Candela’s educational programs add value to physician practices.”

The Academy continues to have a strong repeat following from physicians all over the world who consider it their must-attend, best learning opportunity of the year.

Ready to attend the next Candela Academy? Join us in September 2019 in Rome, Italy and remember to reserve your spot early. While we can’t give too many secrets away quite yet, it’s sure to be the most memorable Academy yet.

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