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Fractional CO2 laser treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms and vaginal rejuvenation in perimenopausal women

PubMed Reference: Arroyo C. Int J Womens Health. 2017 Aug.

Study Details:

  • Study Population: 21 perimenopausal women (mean age 45±7 years).
  • Study Treatment: 3 CO2RE laser treatments, with Intima handpieces and Deep Mode, to the vulva and vaginal canal.

Study Results:

  • VHI Results: Significant improvement in vaginal health index (VHI) at 12 and 24 weeks after the treatment series.
  • Subject Assessments: 81% of subjects reported improvement in sexual gratification, 94%in vaginal rejuvenation, and 100% satisfaction with treatment at the 12-week follow-up.
  • Safety Findings: 97% of subjects reported that both internal and external treatment phases were accompanied with no discomfort to mild discomfort. Immediate treatment responses were mild and transient. No treatment complications.