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Clinical Papers

Angiographic optical coherence tomography imaging of hemangiomas and port wine birthmarks

PubMed Reference: Waibel JS, Holmes J, Rudnick A, et al. Lasers Surg Med. 2018 Mar 22. 

Study Details: 

  • 49 subjects (21 hemangioma subjects and 28 PWB subjects), ranging from 3 months – 73 years old, and Fitzpatrick skin types I-V were enrolled.
  • Blood vessel depth and diameter was evaluated with optical coherence tomography (OCT).
  • Treatments with 595nm-PDL (Vbeam Perfecta): 7-10 millimeter spot size; fluence 7.0 – 9.5 J/cm2, pulse duration 1.5 – 10 msec, and 30/20 – 20/10 cooling).

Study Results: 

  • OCT images revealed that the blood vessel patterns in vascular lesions appeared dramatically different from that seen in normal skin.
  • Highly heterogeneous blood vessel patterns with vessel diameters ranging from 20 to 160 μm.
  • Largest vessels in the range 120 to 160 μm diameter were mainly at 0.50 millimeter depth.
  • PWB tended to have larger vessel diameters than hemangiomas but not necessarily higher density.
  • Vascular OCT may be used to give information to individualize laser settings.