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User Meeting Shapes Best Practices and Next Steps for PicoWay Energy-Based Platform

Picoway Nyc

In September, Syneron-Candela hosted the first Amercias PicoWay® User Meeting in New York City.

The meeting brought together 14 physician expert users of the PicoWay system who shared their experiences using the device to treat skin of color. Physicians travelled to New York from across the United States, Canada, India and Taiwan.  Physicians shared their experiences, and presented and discussed challenging cases, best practices, treatment settings and future studies.

During the meeting, the team from Syneron-Candela sought feedback on clinical data needs and shared Syneron-Candela’s technical product pipeline to gain physician input.

A significant amount of time during the meeting was designated to exploring innovative applications using PicoWay and Resolve®.

Renita Rajan, M.D., and Chief Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist at RENDER Skin and Hair, based in Chennai, India, presented her experiece using the PicoWay system to treat darker Indian skin types as well as to treat hyperpigmentation. Dr. Rajan has had success in treating melasma, pigmented dermatosis, and other pigmentary and skin irregularities in patients with darker skin types. Her advice is to start with a conservative protocol and adjust it as patient response is observed.

Dr. Rajan found the meeting very valuable for learning how her peers are using the PicoWay platform. “Sometimes you feel like you are on your own and you just need validation. It also gives you an opportunity to learn some approaches that are cutting edge,” Dr. Rajan commented about the meeting.

Douglas Wu, MD, PhD., with Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, CA, also offered his perspectives about treating darker skin types. “Skin of color is where the PicoWay really shines in my opinion. I have a large ethnic population in my practice and the PicoWay is, in fact, my go-to laser for many of their concerns.”

The meeting concluded with many physicians sharing a sense of community. Having an opportunity to collaborate with other physicians, share challenging cases and discuss optimal treatment settings presented the group with invaluable learning opportunities to bring back to their practice and put into action.

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